Reuse Economy

The reuse economy is a real thing.  Nicole McGee started her business, Plenty Underfoot, inspired by the materials that she sourced at ZeroLandfill. But having a business making objects and jewelry from upcycled materials was not enough for her.  Nicole is all about community – the building of it, the supporting of it and the celebrating of it.  Nicole began Collective Upcycle which is a pop up shop that supports and celebrates the reuse artists and artisans in the Cleveland... Read More

Looking for ZeroLandfill? There are 8 markets this fall!

EIGHT more ZeroLandfill markets this fall.  This is an exciting fall season.  New markets like Seattle and Boise are launching.  Newish markets like Chicago and Denver are hosting their second event of the year.  And it is great to see favorites from the past few years.  Plus Cincinnati, Louisville and Twin Cities have just finished up. Here is the rundown on where you can get your craft on this fall: Austin   Pollination October 20 and 27th     Harvest October 21 and... Read More

Craft nights, Fashion show and Gallery and Lab

It is fun seeing all of the extra events that surround ZeroLandfill events in the various markets.  ZeroLandfill Denver hosted a DiY Night at Gensler to kick off their project. ZeroLandfill Seattle had a crafting party to get marketing about the CEU out to firms and student volunteers played with materials to come up with creative samples to show at the CEU in May.                     ZeroLandfill Nashville had a auction of... Read More

Help us hit 1M lbs

2012 is the year that ZeroLandfill will hit 1 Million pounds.  That is 1 Million pounds of expired specification samples, 2 oz to 5 lb items previously destined for the landfill. That is 1 Million pounds that will weighed, sorted and moved by countless volunteers. AND that is 1 Million pounds of creative materials that will have found their way into the hands of educators, artists and crafters. February kicked off the year with ZeroLandfill East Tennessee and ZeroLandfill Akron.... Read More