About Us

ZeroLandfill™ is an award winning upcycling program held seasonally that supports the supply needs of local artists and arts educators while reducing pressure on local landfill capacity.  Since 2006, the ZeroLandfill™ project team has partnered with the architectural and interior design community in identifying, diverting from local landfills and re-purposing back into the community over 1 million pounds of expired specification samples that hold value for other audiences.  ZeroLandfill™ projects, inspired by the NE Ohio experience are at work in a number of cities across the country.

ZeroLandfill™ is a project of BeeDance, LLC.

Materials Commonly Found at ZeroLandfill™ project sites

Carpet Tiles and Books

Paint Decks and Laminate Chips

Upholstery Swatches and Memos

Vinyl and Rubber Flooring Samples

Brick, Tile and Stone Samples

Wallcovering Books and Memos

Glass and Metal Samples

Three Ring Binders

Paper Sample Books

Stock Photo Books

Mat board and Foam Core