Pop Up Stores

Pop up stores are trending. In a nutshell, pop up stores are temporary shops that aim to sell merchandise or generate buzz and then close up. An internet search points to a growing list of pop-up stores that open for the holidays.  Everything from branded stores with a small storefront to the entrepreneurial artist or crafter with an eye for product to fit a niche.  In Portland, OR, potential retailers compete for the coveted spaces to locate their stores.

In Northeast Ohio, we are enjoying this holiday season with three pop up stores that embrace the talents of the artists and craftspeople of the region.  Items are handmade, quirky, sophisticated and beautiful.

Made in the 216 – An annual event hosted by the Room Service.  A 5 week long holiday shop that features items from 60 Cleveland designers.

Cosmic Bobbins – New to the pop up scene.  This is a delightful space in the front storefront of Tremont West.  Featuring artwork of Dana Depew who repurposes afghans into interesting painted artwork and Cosmic Bobbins bags and accessories.

Collective Upcycle – Everything in this pop up store is created from upcycled materials.  Everything from wine bottle glass used in earrings and necklaces to worm casing compostable ornaments.  I counted 5 artists that sourced their materials at ZeroLandfill.

What all of these pop ups shops share is a celebration of our local creative community.  The artists and craftspeople that create the gifts and accessories that you will find at any of these stores is given a platform for sales.  A space that is curated to focus and highlight their art.  The community has an alternative to big box retailers to spend their money.

A micro-economy is born as well. Nicole McGee from Collective Upcycle shared with me her 2010 holiday shop was open for 5 weeks and had $16,000 in sales. She had a three week run in June of this year that generated $11,000 in sales.  It is worth noting that Collective Upcycle is typically open Thursday – Sunday – a 4 day week.  The sales generated benefit this local economy, validate the work being done and recognize a different way of doing business.

Do you have a Pop Up Store in your city?  Have you spotted ZeroLandfill materials that are being used in unique and diverse ways?

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  1. barb bloom says:

    I understand from Elaine Slea that there is the possibility of making an appt to view and collect material. I am also in Collective Upcycle and currently upcycle grocery bags into totes, and upcycle previously loved jewelry (beads) into wire crochet bracelets and brooches.